Introduction to Training

A self-defence system incorporating a range of different martial arts skills

Training is preceded by a warm up session - essentially to relax the muscles to prevent strains. This may involve a selection of movements around the mat, press-ups, sit-ups, rotation exercises, limb stretching etc. The degree of exercise is proportionate to the level of the trainee, so your fitness will progressively improve.

You will never be asked to do more than you feel capable of. You will learn how to avoid confrontation, how to break the balance of an attacker, to restrain them and disarm them - whether standing or by taking them to the floor.


Students begin with a standard unmarked white belt.

Red Tab: A basic qualifying level of simple moves, avoidance techniques, locks and safety falls - to show an initial level of competence.

Second Red Tab: An improved level with more techniques and recognising sufficient competence to move on to the next level of training on Mondays with higher grades

White Belt: This first formal grading in our martial arts style adds some specific techniques beyond the red tabs and is signified by a continuous red stripe through the white belt.

Further Belts: Yellow , Orange , Green , * , Blue , Brown and Black**. Formal gradings cost £15

* There is an additional grade before Blue Belt. It is signified by a change to black trousers. This intermediate grade is revisional and is achieved by demonstrating knowledge of club history, all martial art techniques to the current level, and an ability to instruct some basic techniques.

**Further Dan grading's can be achieved and may involve additional skills, multiple attackers with weapons, e.g. specialist use of different weapons (knife, stick, staff, sword etc.), pressure points, groundwork, advanced forms, class instruction, etc.

Example Stretch

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Example Stretch

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