Timetable and Membership

 Why not join us?

Monday         - 8pm to 10pm (graded members)

Wednesday  - 8pm to 10pm, Beginners with graded members

Beginners are welcome on a Wednesday evening – 8pm until 10pm and can move on to Monday evening as they progress through the qualifying belts. You can start by wearing a T-shirt and comfortable trousers.

The cost for each 2 hour session is only £7 and you pay for each session you attend with no monthly fees (pay as you go).


  • Try us out by signing up for 5 consecutive sessions over 5 weeks for £25 all in.
  • Learn with experienced members.
  • Wear comfortable trousers and a T shirt, no need for a uniform.
  • We train bare foot on permanent padded mats.
  • If you are happy with our style, you can become a club member.

Members. Members. After a few weeks of martial arts training you will be asked to become a member and be insured, and later acquire white martial arts trousers (either from us or you can provide your own) and provide your own plain white T-shirt. The joining fee is £25 for registration, licence and insurance combined then £20 for annual renewal. We provide all belts free of charge.

Grading in our martial arts style commences with an informal Red Tab after some weeks of competence, then follow through successive colour belts at formal gradings presided over by a black belt instructor. We supply all belts for free. (See Training).


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