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Reopening, 18th Aug 2021,

Hello and welcome to our reopening after the recent lockdown!

Beginners training will begin on Wednesday 18th August 8pm to 10pm.

You may turn up any Wednesday from this date.

Please See a summary below.
Age 15 upwards.

Male and female train together.

Previous experience not required. Cost currently £7 for the 2 hour session on Wednesdays 8-10pm, later moving on to Mondays as well when more proficient.

We train in bare feet on permanent padded matting.

Locked facilities for personal belongings.

Secure car park within back yard of centre.

Access via iron gates at rear, building on the right.

Bring a drink of water or similar.

Hand sanitiser mandatory and provided.

Face coverings not required (but optional if you wish).

Toilets, washing and changing facilities.

Dress: T shirt and comfortable trouser/shorts to start with.

Costs: Pay £7 on attendance for each session. OR Optional INTRODUCTORY OFFER - 5 consecutive lesson package for £25.

If you later decide to join, annual fee is £25, and covers membership, registration and insurance (£20 if in full time education)

No rush to join, wait for a few sessions to see if you like our style.

If you have any other questions I will be pleased to answer.
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Congratulations!! 20th November 2019

Grading, Josh - Green belt, Gemma Orange - belt and Dan - White belt (pictured front row) Celebrated afterwards at the Duke of Monmouth pub with free food and drink provided by our club."
club photo EJJF atado
15th June 2019

Annual Course - Our club again will host the annual national EJJF joint course/training session on Saturday 15 June.

Congratulations to Alan Sowden who was awarded his black belt by Tony Hughes at the 2019 annual course.
Wednesday 1st May 2019

Congratulations to;
Well done again to Chris, Josh, Gemma, James, Martynas, Koshika & Dan.

Wednesday 18th Oct 2017

Congratulations to;
Rob - Yellow Belt; Chris - White Belt; Josh - Second Red Tab

club photo 2016 atado
club photo 2016 atado

Wednesday 31st May 2017

Congratulations to Mel, Luke and Alex - Orange Belt

club photo 2016 atado

Wednesday 7th December 2016

Congratulations to Rob and Jakub - White belt

club photo 2016 atado
grading 2016 december atado

Thursday 28th July

The club treated its students (and some partners) to an evening`s bowling at Oxford Bowlplex.

18 members bowled - plus a few cheer-leaders - and we all had a fun night.

Top scorers in the final game were Lee with 155; Adrian with 130 and David with 125.

As the club is non-profit making with no paid instructors, after room rental costs all the proceeds go back to the club and for social events.

Wednesday 27th July

The club welcomes 2 new students, Calvin and Lee who joined in July.

Also, at our EJJF affiliate club in Sittingbourne, Kent - `Sifu/Sensei and club leader Pat Laming` has been awarded his 7th degree black belt which is fantastic, and well deserved.

Sunday 5th June

Annual Course - In attendance at the Oxford club, Master Tony Hughes, Pat Laming`s club from Sittingbourne and Tony Preece`s club from Cannock.

Wednesday 1st June

Congratulations to Kate and Marta - Red Tab.

May 2016

Congratulations to Steve and Alan - Blue belt, Sam, Seba, and Radek - Green belt, Luke - Yellow belt.

And thank you to those that helped `uki` on the night and to all of you who came to the meal after.

grading 2016 atado

February 2016

We welcome Max and Shannon as new members to Atado.

We are looking forward to Green and Blue Belt Gradings in the near future, together with some pre-colour belt grades


We welcomed three new members in December - Hello to Mimi, Kate, and Chris.

Wednesday 28th October 2015

Congratulations to Lukasz - Yellow belt, Luke and Rihard - White belt

Saturday 18th July 2015

Congratulations to Scott, Mark and Helena in the Bicester Tigers juniors club achieved their first red tabs.

Wednesday 15th July 2015

Congratulations to Seba and Radek Orange belt; Lucasz and Adrian White belt.

Wednesday 24th June 2015

Congratulations to Andreas and Alan who were successfully assessed as Assistant Instructors.

Wednesday 24th June 2015

The Tai Chi intro session was held by Michael Baker and all those who attended found it rewarding and await future sessions. There will be an update posted later on future classes for those interested which may be fortnightly on Thursday evenings.

Sunday 7th June 2015

Martial Arts display held at the Cricket Road Centre, Cowley OX4 3DW. During the annual Polish Community Families Event Family event 11.30am to 5pm. Thank you to all members who attended.

Saturday 6th June 2015- ATADO TIGERS

Introduction to children`s Martial Arts for 8 -14 year olds. New club started May 2015. Thank you to all members who attended.
Contact Adrian on 07858 751509

June 2015 - Grading Congratulations!

Klaudiusz - Black Belt.

Sunday 31th May 2015- The annual `English Jui-Jitsu Federation` joint club course was held on Sunday 31 May at the Lake Street Dojo. under Chief Sensi Tony Hughes. Over 25 EJJF member on the mat.

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May 2015 - Club News Update

Club membership continues to grow at Oxford and we welcome new members Oliver, Gemma and Ciaran.

Sunday 31th May - The annual `English Jui-Jitsu Federation` joint club course will be held on Sunday 31 May at the Lake Street Dojo. 10am – 4pm under Chief Sensi Tony Hughes. There will also be a Black Belt grading the same day for Klaudiusz Nowicki .

TAI CHI CHUAN Introductory course on Date to be Arranged

Free and open to all (including non-members) under Michael Baker, 10 to 12 at our home DOJO, Lake Street, Oxford.

Use Contact email link or call 07881 520203 to register interest

March 2015 - Grading Congratulations!

Sam has achieved - Orange Belt.

Mel and Aleks have achieved - Yellow Belt.

Luke, Rob, Julian and Rihard have achieved - Red Tab.

Feb. 2015 - Club News

On 25th February the club had a visit from Michael Baker (retired), the second club leader after it was started in 1968. It was good for him to see how the club has continued successfully over the years and he spoke of his desire to re-familiarise members with the Tai Chi Chuan short form. He plans to run an introductory session for interested persons to guage interest for possible classes to be held.

2015 - Club News Update

Russell Riddiford retired from the club after training since October 1976. He was a very regular member achieving 4th Dan and he has retired to live with his partner in Devon. He has found a local club to keep his hand in.

Feb. 2015 - OPEN DAY

The club held an Open Day and it was attended by parents and children (toddlers) who had a good time and who had an insight into what their children can look forward to as they get older.

Feb. 2015 - Bowling Evening

Great turn out at our latest social event, 16 turned up for our bowling evening, really good time had by all and congratulations to Andreas for the highest score of the night.

Dec. 2014 - Christmas meal

For Christmas meal the club went to the Kings Arms at Sandford Lock on 18 December. Had a great time with good food and good service - 26 hungry people satisfied.

Dec. 2014 - Club Demonstration!

On the December 14 the club did a small demonstration for the Polish Community Association event at Blackbird Leys Leisure Centre, where some parents and children experienced hands-on techniques.

Dec. 2014 - Grading Congratulations!

Mel and Alex have achieved - White Belt.

Nov. 2014 - Grading Congratulations!

Judy has achieved - Second Dan Black Belt.

Alan and Andy have achieved - Green belt.

Dave has achieved - Orange belt.

Jul. 2014 - Joint Club EJJF Course!

Sunday 6th July 2014 (at the Oxford DOJO). The event was free to all participants, paid for by the EJJF. 21 members attended from different clubs and had instruction from Master Tony Hughes, Dans Pat Laming, Scott Lacey and David Rogers.

Positive feedback was received and all learned different things from the different clubs styles.

Jun. 2014 - Club Demonstration!

Sunday 15th June 2014 (at the Cricket Road Centre). A brilliant show and lots of interest from the spectators.

Visit our facebook page for photo's

Apr. 2014 - Grading Congratulations!

Radic, Sam and Terry have achieved - yellow belt.

Feb. 2014 - Our new martial art website and Facebook page have launched!

Dec. 2013 - Grading Congratulations!

Sam and Radic have achieved - white belt

Nov. 2013 - Instructor Congratulations!

Judy Kelly set the standard by being the first female nationally in our Ju Jitsu style to achieve First Dan Black Belt (2010) and is now also an Instructor!

Sept. 2013 - Grading Congratulations!

Terry and D. Rueda have achieved - white belt

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Coming Soon - 2021

Events - Our club will again participate and host events as the country opens up.
Annual Course - Saturady 15th June 2019

The annual EJJF Course! was held on Saturday 15th June 2019 at the Oxford Dojo with a good turn-out. Master Tony Hughes presided and we trained with members of other clubs and learned some different/interesting moves ! Dinner afterwards at the Duke of Monmouth.
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EJJF Course! - Sunday 17th June 2018

Annual Course - Our club again hosted the annual national EJJF joint course/training session on Sunday 17 June, ALSO - we celebrate out 50th anniversary this year, believed to be the longest running individual martial arts club.
club photo EJJF atado
Grading evening - Wednesday 23rd May 2018

We had a Grading evening for various members on Wednesday 23rd May followed by free food at The Duke of Monmouth Pub afterwards.

April 2017

Far Eastern Club - Ice Skating Evening!

christmas martial arts 2016 atado


Far Eastern Club - We all enjoyed Christmas Dinner at the Jude The Obscure, great turn out 20+ this years!

christmas martial arts 2016 atado
grading 2016 martial arts
grading 2016 atado

5th June 2016 (Annual course)

The annual course this year is 10.30-4.30 on Sunday 5 June.

We will be joined by the clubs from Sittingbourne, Kent (Pat Laming) and Cannock, Staffs (Tony Priestly) and Chief Sensei/Sifu as usual is Tony Hughes.

You can attend the morning, or afternoon session, or all day. Bring your licence for attendance signing.There is no cost as the booking is paid by the EJJF.

This is a valuable occasion for the Master to see how you are progressing and to see the `up and coming` talent!

Hope to see as many of you as possible.


Gradings - to be announced.


Far Eastern Club - We all enjoyed Christmas Dinner at the Duke of Monmouth, great turn out Nearly 29 this years!

laser atado
laser atado

28th September - Grading and Club Meal.

Lukasz (yellow belt), Luke (white belt) and Rihard (white belt)

laser atado

3rd September - Fun Laser Kombat night! Easily as many calories burnt as a normal training night. Well done to top snipers Lukasz and Terry

laser atado