Club History - English Jiu Jitsu Federation.

Tony Hughes

Tony Hughes, 7th Dan Atemi Jitsu, Head of EJJF

The E.J.J.F. was founded 1970 and operates under the guidance of its President and Chief Instructor Mr. Tony Hughes 8th Dan (Renshi).

The Federation is composed of a fusion of widely diverse disciplines that operate wholly independently and offers great benefits regarding its innovative Insurance Scheme along with the opportunity to train with a variety of different people and disciplines.

Our purpose is to share with affiliate clubs the mutual benefits in the form of like minded individuals who gravitate towards the good values and best practices associated within the Family of Martial Arts.

1954 - Enrolled in Jiu Jitsu club aged 9 ¾

1957 - Took up Judo

1959 - Took up Aikido

1960 - Took up Karate

1964 - Went to live and work in London and visited most of the many top clubs there as a guest and was graded. Returned to the West Midlands with: 1st Kyu Judo, 2nd Kyu Aikido, 3rd Kyu Karate.

1966 - Opened club at 425 Squadron ATC Aldridge

1966 - Joined Kyu Shin Kan, Birmingham

1967 - 2nd Dan Atemi Jutsu, Aikido 1st Kyu, Karate 2nd Kyu

1970 - 3rd Dan Atemi Jutsu, 1st Dan Judo and Aikido

1971 - 3rd Dan Jiu Jitsu

1983 - 6th Dan Atemi Jutsu

1988 - 7th Dan Atemi Jutsu

1977 - 4th Dan Jiu Jitsu 3rd Dan Atado (Chinese Kempo) by Master Leong Fu

1983 - 3rd Dan Aikido

1983 - Joined the international Budo federation

1984 - Was invited to be Jiu Jitsu coach on IBF

1985 - Invited again to be Jiu Jitsu coach on IBF

1986 - Invited again to summer camp, and was appointed Jiu Jitsu UK national coach

1987 - 6th Dan Jiu Jitsu.

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