Club History (ATADO)

A self-defence system incorporating a range of different martial arts skills

Our club`s roots are in Kung Fu as was practised in China and Mongolia. The earliest form was based on instinctive reactions of self-defence, relied on muscle power and was called `Go Ti` meaning `horn gore` as early practitioners tied horns to their heads and charged at each other. The Japanese interpretation for Go Ti is now the familiar form known as `SUMO`. The first recorded date for Go Ti is 2865BC.

Our `WHITE TIGER` martial art style of Ao Tai Tao (ATADO) was created in the 1950s by Malayan born Grand Master `Edward` Leong Fu (1932 – 1991). He was the son of Chinese immigrants and became proficient in Kung Fu styles by the age of 12 through the guidance of local monks.

`Edward` learned Ju Jitsu as a teenager from Japanese officers who invaded Malaya in the 1940s. He also learned Judo and became a black belt in the 50s. From his learning of different martial art styles - Aikido, Judo, Ju Jitsu, Karate and Kung Fu, Leong Fu developed a system called “ATADO” for western servicemen stationed in the Far East after WW2 - a few of whom became instructors.

Leong Fu was spotted by an American promoter who encouraged him to pursue a professional wrestling career in Europe and Asia which saw him tour internationally until he retired from the ring around 1963. He was a generous man who gave his time freely to all who wanted to learn, especially the wrestling moves. Leong Fu left his martial art teaching to his senior instructors when he was in his 50s and in 1991 he passed away, aged 59.

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The local Oxford `Far Eastern Club` was founded in 1968 by the late Ernie DANKS who studied martial arts under the Grand Master in Ipoh, Malaysia after WW2. Ernie DANKS was succeeded by Michael BAKER, and from 1984 by Peter SALCOMBE who retired in 2011. The club instructors are now David Rogers, 4th Dan, Adrian Coggins, 2nd Dan and Alan Sowden, 1st Dan.

The club forms part of the English Ju Jitsu Federation, the Chief Instructor being Tony Hughes.

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Chief Instructors (Sifu)

David - Left (current), Micheal - Centre (retired 1984), Pete - Right (retired 2011)


April 1984: Black Belt Grading

On the far right – former club leader Pete Salcombe, then Roger Gray who both gained 1st Dan on the same day, then previous club leader Michael Baker, then (the late) Master Ernie Danks who started the Oxford club. (The next man not remembered believed to be part of the judging panel) and at the far left Jim King, one of Pete`s previous instructors.

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