What is ATADO? (Ao-Tai-Tao)

A self-defence system incorporating a range of different martial arts skills

Our ATADO martial art style has evolved comprehensively in the wealth of techniques practiced and lends itself towards Atemi Jutsu. Our style incorporates techniques from other martial arts, e.g. kung fu, judo, karate, aikido, kick boxing, escrima, wing chun, iaido and other martial arts, utilising defences from a wide range of weapons. It lends itself very much towards street survival / self-defence skills from early practice

Our style can be adapted to suit any size or age (over 15 yrs), and male and female students train together and grade together to ensure a realistic application of techniques. There is no reliance on strength or body size. You will get fitter whilst developing a practical and useful skill through training.

You will learn the following Martial Art skills;

-Defences to and escapes from aggressive holds, strikes, kicks, and attacks with a variety of weapons.

-How to restrain and disarm an attacker. Examples include resisting someone who grabs you anywhere on the body, avoid and repel attacks, counter striking, disarming weapons and controlling people, whether standing or on the floor.

-How to throw people and be thrown, train with more advanced weapons, and practice useful forms or katas, e.g. Tar Fong Khuen Moh Chow and Dahn Chi to improve effectiveness, breathing and balance.

-Brazilian style groundwork is also incorporated.


With Martial Arts, you get fit plus come away with a practical skill!

Example Lock

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Example Lock

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